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Harry Potter Parody Community

This is a roleplay community devoted to the tale of Harry Potter. But we are little different than other Harry Potter Communities, this could turn up to be little slashy. If that bothers you, you should not be here ;-).

We're just having some fun so don't take this too seriously.

We're looking for people who enjoy the Very Secret Diaries and want to play with us. If you don't understand ... just watch us for a while ... you'll catch on.

New Members
To join, email Moderator Ignata (ignata@c-camp.org) (or AIM ignataquadem , ICQ 140605937) with your character's LJ USERNAME, and AIM SCREENNAME and we'll add you to the list. Please do not join without my permission. It will force me to execute you. You don't want that.

There are just a few simple rules:

- No flaming
- No acting like a jackass in general
- Don't do anything that greatly affects another player without their consent beforehand
- No EXTREMELY kinky, or really gross stuff.
- NC17 and slacher is encouraged, (but not required).
- There WILL be adult content/situations, so if you're iffy about it, or under the age of consent (what, like 16?) DO NOT JOIN.
- Try to post at least once in 1-2 weeks.
- One part of the game is held in AIM. Share the AIM logs.
- Put OOC (Out Of Character) and Logs under the LJ-cut.
-If your journal isn't updated within 3 to 4 weeks, you’ll be warned/Kicked. If your journal has not been updated in two you will be notified. Slightly unimportant characters might be excluded for this rule. But don't count on it.
-There is nothing more I can't stand is fighting within the community. If you have a problem with another member with anything tell me, we're all big kids now, there's no need for a fight.

The Story
The roleplay takes place right of the beginning of First Potter-book. We are trying to loosely follow the books.At this point we need players. Play will start as soon as we get around 10 players.

Playing held place in the community and AIM. Only In-character things are allowed. So, if you have OOC-things, put it under LJ-cut-tag.

Taken Characters:

- Severus Snape severus_anguis Mod ignata (AIM snapeinmymind)
- Lucius Malfoy slucius_malfoys
- Draco Malfoy _malfoy_ played by kannazuki (AIM: ??)
- Hagrid hagrid_the_grea played by MOod ignata (AIM: hagridgreat)
- Peeves the Poldergeist jeevespeeves played by mielikkik
- Hermione miss_hermione
- Ron Weasley red_ron
- Angelina Johnson angel_ina
- Fred Weasley _fredweasley_
- George Weasley _george_weasley
- Percy Weasley red_percy

You can have any character you want if it is not on above list. Esp. we need Teachers at this point. Just contact moderator if you want to play. At this point we need atleast McGonacall. If you need codes contact moderator.

If you have something to ask, contact Moderator ignata