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The Parody

9/25/03 03:47 pm - severus_anguis

I have never felt so bad. Like my head is exploding in pieces. I need help!!

9/11/03 10:39 am - noticeboard

OOC- ImportantCollapse )

9/11/03 10:35 am - hagrid_the_grea

Isolated, deaf, blind, dead...totally dead

8/14/03 11:37 am - noticeboard

OOCCollapse )

8/4/03 03:42 pm - severus_anguis - Little chat with Draco

Snape hears some noice from Slytherin's CommonroomCollapse )

8/3/03 08:41 pm - severus_anguis

Snape walks away from kitchen and mumbles something about annoying and stupid students. He carries two bottles of some liquids in his hand and he’s nearly to drop them when he goes upstairs to Entrance hall. It’s calm night but he seems to be kinda cautious. He’s heading straight into his chambers, but something catch his eyes... something was not right... He put the bottles in his pockets and took his wand in his hand. Slowly he walked toward the door leading main hall...

8/2/03 10:46 am - noticeboard - Ball will be held in another time

About the BallCollapse )

7/30/03 09:44 pm - noticeboard

Ball will begin at NET 285

7/30/03 06:37 pm - noticeboard

Welcome to Hogwards!

Teachers have decided to held an ‘Beginning of the year’-ball in this weekend. Ball will be held in schoolyard Saturday at noonCollapse ) Costume should be semiformal. Any kind of muggle/wizard dress will do.

Be welcome, Headmaster Dumpledore and Teachers

7/28/03 09:19 pm - severus_anguis

Hmm... James’ little son Harry has arrived here. I just hope he’s not like his father. I just dislike Potters sooo much. Graah...
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